Teen Life Coaching
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Is your teen struggling socially, or emotionally?

If so, your adolescent may have a path of development that is more complex than others. 

Heal your child's pain

Do you want to better understand your child’s experience?

If your teen is paralyzed by anxiety, hypersensitive to criticism, or prone to isolation, I can provide insight, guidance and relief.

Teen Life-Coaching

I empower highly-sensitive teenagers, by teaching them the social and emotional coping skills necessary to thrive in this world.

Young-Adult Mentoring

I help young-adults harness their strengths, manage their vulnerabilities, and take next steps towards an independent life for themselves.

Lagging developmental skills and unsolved personal problems often lie behind a teen’s challenging behavior. 

I offer a multi-disciplinary approach to address emotional challenges requiring more than just talk therapy alone. 

I help teens strengthen their skills of flexibility, adaptability, frustration tolerance.

Meet Sandra Dupont MFT

Helping teens and their parents meet the challenges of adolescence with confidence and success

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